Single Mums, Single Homecoming Mum
Single Mums, Single Homecoming Mum

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Single Mums, Single Homecoming Mum

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*** Mum pictured above have upgrades added (decorated bear )

Basic mum includes:

1- 6.5 inch Flower
36 inch Ribbons – (school colors)
Crazy Loops or regular loops for head
1- Flower Trinket/Bear
2 Metallic Ribbons
4 Printed Ribbon
1 Custom Braid
1 Homecoming Ribbon
Name Loop w/bow
1 Decorated Ribbon
1 Metallic Garland
1 Large Trinket
5 Trinkets
2 Bells

**** Make your mum mum-tastic with some extras.

You're able to add on a boa, lights, more trinkets and more. Please let me know if you would like to add something to you mum to make it your own.

***Add-on will be extra.***

We also offer Deluxe Single and Supreme Single Homecoming Mums

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